Team IrPad New Member!

17 February 2012




関矢 玲希 選手です。彼はかねてより"IrPad"を愛用してくれており、今回満を持してのチーム入りでした。

今後とも"IrPad"、"Team IrPad"共々よろしくお願い致します。

Team IrPad got a new member last Saturday. He placed 1st in EJ2011, 3rd in JN2011, and is sponsored by the most popular yoyo maker in the U.S...

HE IS "Reiki Sekiya" !

He's been using IrPad on his yoyos, and last Saturday, FINALLY, he joined the team IrPad. Congrats, Reiki!
Now the team has 6 great players. We will DO this year!

Thank you for loving "IrPad".


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Anonymous said...

Reiki rules! I hope we see IrPads hit the european stores some day...

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