02 November 2012

Results of the 2 contests have been announced.

まず、YJKR x JT x REWIND について述べると、グランプリ、そしてモストビュー賞をいただきました!見て頂いた方、ありがとうございました!日本語の結果ページは こちら 

Firstly, I won GRAND PRIZE and MOST VIEWS PRIZE in YJKR x JT x REWIND Video Contest 2012. Thank you for your support! English article is here .
So I got $500 coupon. I decided I will give half of it to the kid who helped me with shooting. I don't know another half will be. Maybe strings worth $250, or something from Anti-Yo?

Award-winning Video 

次に、 Best Banger Trick Video Contestでは、これは4等なのでしょうか、"SHURIKEN"と言う技で、"Brain Overload" Award をいただきました。本命は"4.0HOOK"だったので、受賞するならそれかなと思っていたので、意外でしたが、まあ良しとします。どうやらセンチネルと言う、直径60mm超のでっかいヨーヨーが賞品として送られてくるそうです。Werrdのヨーヨーは持っていないので、ちょっと楽しみです。

Secondly, I won "Brain Overload" Award in Best Banger Trick Video Contest with my trick called "SHURIKEN". Most difficult and favorite trick of mine was 4.0HOOK, so the result was a bit surprising but now I'm happy with the fact that one of my tricks has won a prize. I will get "Sentinel"  from Werrd. As I saw its spec, it's huge yoyo. I don't have any yoyos with larger diameter than 60mm so I'm looking forward to trying it out! (Results are here )

Award-winning Video


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