Can't wait for AP '11

15 February 2011

I reserved ticket for Singapore today.
I'll be there from 23 until 29 March.

Also, I decided a song to use at FS.
Still need one for prelim, though.

I'm excited about visitting Singapore!
Foods were great, scenery was awesome, AP was so fun.
I remember all things happened / I experienced last year.

So is there any chance to visit Zirca this year, too? lol

I think I 've heard this theme before...
Theme for Scanty and Knee Socks - TeddyLoid

Is this an original?
これだ!romantic couch、去年借りてた。道理で!
Romantic Couch - Twilo

Nice tunes.
These are not the songs what I will use at AP, though!


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